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These Are the Times That Try Men's Souls
By John Armor
Illustrated by Olga Calco
Published by American Civil Rights Union
Paperback Edition
Retail Price: $15.00
255 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9786502-4-7

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Praise for the Book

“In These Are the Times That Try Men’s Souls, John Armor demonstrates how Thomas Paine’s writing helped create the spirit of America at the founding of the country, and how these words are equally applicable to the challenges facing us today. This is a valuable historical and literary resource for the reader who wants to explore the enduring character of our nation.”

— Edwin Meese III, former United States Attorney General

“Americans today, like their colonial forbears, know that our personal liberties are under siege. They understand that President Obama and his congressional allies represent not the American people but a revolutionary elite that is changing our nation into something we do not want it to be. And while millions of Americans who have never before been involved in politics are now dedicated activists, no one has done for them what Thomas Paine did in 1776: unite them by defining the American identity in words so compelling that they are driven to set aside the petty concerns which otherwise divide them. The late John Armor, by skillfully combining Paine's many works in chapters declaring American principles, has revived the American identity in a book which every Tea Partier and candidate must read.”

— Jed Babbin, former Editor, Human Events

“At once both timeless and topical, the words of Thomas Paine that were so influential in the eighteenth century have been restored for the twenty-first century by the remarkable editing of John Armor. A new generation of American patriots — Tea Partiers, among many other ordinary citizens — will learn that their contemporary cause aspires to the same ideal as Paine’s: freedom. This book will become a classic in the literature of liberty.”

— Colin A. Hanna, president, Let Freedom Ring

“John Armor has compiled a lucid, indispensable guide to the freewheeling and historically significant thoughts of one of America’s most intellectually provocative Founders. This is a must-read book and an invaluable addition to any American heritage library.”

— Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State

“The author and sponsors of this elegantly constructed volume of Paine’s writings have reminded us that the ‘American Crisis’ of his day is also the burning question that confronts our own generation: how can Americans come together to defeat the clear and present dangers to our liberty? May Tom Paine’s call to arms resound in the ears of citizen-patriots across the land.”

— T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr., president, Intercollegiate Studies Institute